destyshell (destyshell) wrote in absolutly_brill,

"Behind Blue Eyes" ch 2 Jack/Gwen/John H adult

Pairings: Jack/Gwen, later Jack/Gwen/John Hart, Gwen/John friendship


Setting-post COE…Flashbacks will go AU at “Adam” and “Something Borrowed,” also with later events as well. Elements of the Time Agency are still in place. Some mythology may be altered or invented to suit my storytelling purposes. A few lines were borrowed from those episodes.

Romance, angst, hurt/comfort, and yes, even a little humor thrown in as well

Summary-At the ruins of the Hub, Gwen and her young son encounter Captain John Hart. As Gwen relates her trials of the last several months, John discovers a way for them to locate Jack and unite with him once again.

Disclaimer-The BBC owns all

A/N-I used British terminology where possible, but the spelling is American. If I’ve completely mucked up something significant-just let me know.


Tags: fanfiction
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