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Absolutely Brilliant

A Jack/Gwen Fan Base

Absolutely Brilliant - A Jack/Gwen Fan Community
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Welcome to Absolutly Brilliant, the livejournal community for fans of the pairing of Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood.

This community is for the fans of the pairing of Jack and Gwen and for all those others who just love the two characters seperatly. You don't have to ship them to post here. Anything goes. We would love to see your manips, icons, fanfic, music vids, or comments, or whatever else you would like to throw at us.

Hey and if you need a Beta for a fanfic, give a shout out...i bet there are plenty of them lurking around.


- Flaming and Personnel Attacks will not be tolerated. If anyone see any flaming going on please report it to the mods and it will be deleted straight away. Just don't do it guys.

- Fics, Music Vids, Icons, or Manips must relate to Jack Harkness or Gwen or both or their actors. In other words you can post stuff with other characters just make sure these two characters are the main ones. jack_in_cuffs and tw_archives are everything fanfic.

- If you post fanfic or music vids for that matter (after watching Day One) please rate it. (ex. PG, PG-13,etc..). We accept everything but we are also aware that there will be members on here that won't read certain material. Thus be considerate.

- Spoilers MUST be placed behind a cut. If you don't know how to place something behind a cut, please contact one of the mods or look in the LJ FAQ.

- Fics and Music Vids should be tagged but don't have to be. If you don't tag then the mods will be tagging things at a later date.


Please post fanfic in the following format. With music vids just edit the apropriate labels. The title of the music vid or fanfic should be in the header.



***If you would like to be affiliated with us or just want a nice little spot on our page give us a shout out***